Piper Tomahawk Parts Catalog PA-38-112 Part # 761-659-v2002


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Piper Tomahawk PA-38-112 Part # 761-659




Piper Parts Catalog/ Piper Parts Manual

Part Number 761-659 (ORG771121) dated 1977

with revision to February 28, 2002.

has 206 pages long.


The following information should be kept in mind when ordering from this Catalog:
a. The serial numbers of the aircraft covered by this Parts Catalog are as follows:
(1) Serial numbers of the 1978 PA-38-112 Models are 38-78A0001 to 38-78A0821 inclusive, 3878A0829 and 38-78A0844.
(2) Serial numbers of the 1979 PA-38-112 Models are 38-79A0001 to 38-79A1179 inclusive.
(3) Serial numbers of the 1980 PA-38-112 Models are 38-80A0001 to 38-80A0198 inclusive.
(4) Serial numbers of the 1981 PA-38-112 Models are 38-81A0001 to 38-81A0176, 38-81A0191 to 38-81A0210 inclusive.
(5) Serial numbers of the 1982 PA-38-112 Models are 38-82A0001 to 38-82A0122 inclusive.

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